Boris Terebuh, MD is Ohio’s First and Most Experienced Licensed DISCSEEL® Provider

Boris Terebuh, MD is Ohio’s First and Most Experienced Licensed DISCSEEL® Provider

Dr. Boris Terebuh was in the first class of fourteen physician trainees selected to become Licensed DISCSEEL® providers on July 21, 2018. He was also the first Ohio physician to become Licensed and remains the most experienced DISCSEEL® provider in the state. In addition to treating many citizens of Ohio, patients from thirteen other states (as far away as Hawaii, Utah, and Colorado) have traveled to Ohio to receive the DISCSEEL® procedure from Dr. Terebuh. Patients from two European countries have also made the journey for treatment by Dr. Terebuh.

Why are patients willing to travel so far for DISCSEEL®? There are four major reasons:

  1. Easy Communication: DISCSEEL® is our specialty, so we prioritize answering your questions swiftly and comprehensively. We receive compliments frequently regarding how accessible and responsive we are to questions.
  2. Experience: Patients are comforted to hear the number of DISCSEEL® cases performed by Dr. Terebuh compared to other licensed providers trained since that first class in 2018.
  3. Word of Mouth Trust: Some of the patients who traveled the farthest did so because a family member or friend was previously treated successfully with DISCSEEL® by Dr. Terebuh.
  4. Value: The total cost of DISCSEEL® is always lower at our office because we never charge a surgery center fee, we never charge a facility free, and we never charge an anesthesiology fee or a radiology fee. These savings easily offset travel and lodging costs when receiving DISCSEEL® in Ohio.

Experienced DISCSEEL® Provider in Dublin, Ohio

If you live in Ohio, then take advantage of the fact that you are only a car drive away from our Central Ohio office rather than having to board an airplane. Now that you know where to get DISCSEEL®, let us explore what it treats and if this new, non-surgical lumbar (low back) spine procedure is right for you. 

 Spinal discs are composed of two layers. The center of the disc is called the nucleus pulposus and has a gel-like consistency. The outer ring of the disc is called the annulus fibrosus and has a sturdier, but still flexible structure. Due to injury or degeneration, cracks (fissures) start to develop in the discs from the inside out. During the process of degenerative disc disease, the entire disc can begin to dry out, which can make the entire spine less effective at absorbing forces and may cause the discs to shrink down in height. Because discs lack an adequate blood supply, these disc annulus fissures cannot heal spontaneously, and they cannot be surgically sewn. 

 As a result, fissures extend in length and become more numerous over time. The discs themselves can become painful because of this process. Essentially, once degenerative disc disease begins, it progresses forward in a very predicable manner even in the healthiest of individuals. A large enough disc annulus crack may allow some of the nucleus pulposus material to escape from the center of the disc and compress a spinal nerve. This is called a herniated nucleus pulposus (HNP) and can cause nerve pain in the legs.

How Does DISCSEEL® Work

DISCSEEL® works to improve low back and leg pain caused by intervertebral disc abnormalities, but it can do so without surgery. By restoring the intervertebral discs, reinjury is less likely to occur and non-surgical management becomes much more successful. The DISCSEEL® Procedure injects a protein called Fibrin, which is derived from human blood. Fibrin is an FDA-approved drug that is used off-label, like how doctors use corticosteroids for epidural injections even though it is not specifically approved for that application. DISCSEEL® uses non-autologous Fibrin in the same way. It is injected into damaged discs of your lower back with the use of image guidance to ensure accuracy. Sealing the tears within the annulus fibrosus is the purpose of injecting Fibrin. It serves as “glue” in the disc, helping to seal off any tears or cracks (fissures) in the outer annulus layer. This helps regrow damaged disc tissues, which preserves the discs instead of surgically removing them. Fibrin repairs damage by stimulating growth from the inside out and concentrates recovery efforts due to the disc sealing provided by the fibrin. Healing happens over time because the biologic injected into the disc “tells” the body what it needs to heal (scientists call this “chemotaxis”). The discs begin to heal because collagen, a key component of the disc structure, is “called” into the disc. Tears that were present before the Discseel® Procedure are sealed with Fibrin after the treatment. More importantly, during the next year, the disc keeps healing. 

Prior to the availability of DISCSEEL®, the main options for bulged and worn-out discs were physical therapy, medications in various categories, spine injections, surgery, or just choosing to live with the pain. DISCSEEL® has the potential to replace many of the common reasons patients undergo disc-related spine surgery. Thanks to Dr. Pauza’s invention of DISCSEEL® and his commitment to train Licensed Physicians, DISCSEEL® is available to you in Ohio. Call Boris Terebuh, MD’s office today (614) 999-9899 to find out if DISCSEEL® is right for you. You can also learn more on our website:

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I’m Boris Terebuh MD, Ohio’s first and most experienced Discseel® provider. I am also the Founder & Medical Director of the Regenerative Spine & Joint Center