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  1. Statistic is measured across all locations in the United States
  2. of Discseel® Procedure patients report an improvement and a reduction in overall pain.
  3. 2016 NIH Prospective Study John Hopkins University School of Medicine

Bren Foster

Actor + World Class Martial Artist

“I suffered with chronic back pain for 4 years. Being the physical person I am I continued with my normal high intensity workouts and pushed through the pain, continued with my martial arts, gymnastics and weight training until the pain was too much to bare. As a film a television actor who is adamant about performing all his own stunts and someone who is expected to because of the world class level of martial arts I bring to the table as an actor, I was in despair and knew I had to find a way to deal with or remedy my back problem before it got any worse. I sought out some top spine surgeons, the first one told me I had no other choice but spinal fusion, I was devastated, the other two surgeons told me I could have an artificial disc or fusion or I could do nothing, and just use pain management procedures.

I was seriously considering the artificial disc, but something inside me said DON’T! The next day my chiropractor sent me a video about the Discseel Procedure. I watched the video, and I was AMAZED, I researched everything I could about the procedure. I then called Dr Pauza in Texas. From the moment the procedure began I had complete faith and trust. From the beginning to after the procedure, my whole experience was amazing, I couldn’t have asked for anything better. I was walking around immediately after the procedure.

By the second week I was back in the gym and my sciatic nerve pain had diminished, I was also able to lie on my stomach without pain, which previous to the procedure I could not do without pain. By week three I was shadow boxing. My progress grew every week. Now I am 3 months(August 13, 2015) out, I am back to running, I have increased flexibility, I am back to kicking and punching, back in the gym and I am beyond grateful that I found the Discseel Procedure.

Sometimes in life you will find those rare individuals that can change your life. I personally feel Dr Pauza gave me back my health, enabled me to come back pain free, and better than ever, and enabled me not to choose major surgery and for that I am eternally grateful. And by taking care of me they have taken care of my whole family.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!

David Garber

Discseel® Patient

It’s been 4 months since my Discseel® Procedure for 4 herniated discs, and all 5 of my lumbar discs had tears that leaked. Here’s the bottom line. After living with pain for almost 35 years, It’s been an absolute miracle for me. I followed your instructions, well except for one, I walked in a swimming pool a little to longer than I should have after 1 week, and the rest of that day was my most painful experience with muscle spasms during my entire recovery, but I was back to 100% the following day. Although I took the pain pills the first night, I really never needed them, just an occasional Advil. I’m doing everything I want without any pain or discomfort, biking, hiking, swimming, weight training, etc., and I’m letting everyone I know that suffers with back or neck pain about the Discseel® Treatment. I can’t thank Dr. Pauza and his entire staff enough.

Patrick Wall

Discseel® Patient

I flew over from tropical Queensland, Australia to have the Discseel Procedure. I’m glad I did. I had sciatica and a little sciatic pain down both legs.  I was using walking poles to get around.  I had chronic pain in my lower back. Five discs were in total degeneration.  The medical profession in Australia did not have any solution for my condition.  I contacted Carrie at Dr. Pauza’s office, and I’m glad I did.  The sciatic pains went away within days of the treatment.  Lower back pain diminished from a 9/10 to a 2/10 within months.  I have osteoarthritis throughout my spine and hips, which causes different pain for me. My family and I are very grateful to Dr. Pauza and his great team. Who would have thought this simple procedure could change the quality of life for people who suffer with high level pain continuously? This Procedure has since become available in Japan. Thanks again Dr. Pauza. I hope the Discseel Procedure will be available to back pain suffers throughout world.

Kathy B.

Discseel® Patient

Dr. Pauza and Carrie gave my 18 year old daughter her life back! I can’t say enough good things about them. After a volleyball injury, my daughter had struggled for 4 years with chronic pain that even a spinal cord stimulator and narcotics could not control. Now after having the disceel procedure my daughter is off all meds and is back to enjoying her life. Don’t hesitate to see if the Disceel Procedure is right for YOU!

M. Laack

Discseel® Patient

Miracle? Well, 11 years back I started with first back surgery and had 9 of them with fusions. In 2012, I started following Kevin on Sunday morning with Charles Osgood and then my surgeons told me that was all a farse and not proven. I listened rather than going with my gut feeling. BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE!!! I was disabled on ice 14 hrs a day for years and then made my way to Dr Pauza.
When I left the hospital I was walking 17,000 steps the next day and average 8-10k since.
DO NOT TWIST OR LIFT AND U WILL BE FINE. I am actually looking for surgeons to take fusions out of my body like they did in 2016 from my L4 area. I am on a mission to stop people from getting fusions!! If you want to know the real truth just ask every neuro surgeon or orthopedic and ask them if they have a fusion…! GOOD LUCK! They know the real truth but will sell their soul to the devil before telling you the truth.

Amy Schmitz

Actor + World Class Martial Artist

I was so nervous going into the discseel procedure because I came in from out of state and had never met Dr. Pauza and his team. I was thoroughly impressed by their politeness and eagerness to answer any questions. Dr. Pauza took his time making sure I was comfortable during the office appointment before the procedure that afternoon. Everyone has been very encouraging and after the procedure I had more of a pressure feeling than pain. My recovery has been great and I am so happy that I am going to have my life back again! I hope everyone that is a candidate will try the Discseel Procedure before a spinal fusion. Thanks! 

Rob M.

Discseel® Patient

I was in so much daily pain from a degenerative disc and two others that were herniated that I saw two spine specialists in OH and begged them to operate in order to relieve the pain. They both refused. On a scale of 1-10, I lived with a constant 6. It was affecting me physically and emotionally. Fortunately, I was referred to Dr. Pauza by one of those specialists. I was hesitant at first, but felt relieved after talking to his staff. My wife and I flew to TX for the procedure in June of 2018. It is now December 2018 and I have been pain free for a month and counting! It’s hard to describe this feeling after having lived with daily pain for so long. Thank you Dr. Pauza!