How Image Guided Injections Work

Fluoroscopic Guidance

A C-arm Fluoroscope (moving x-ray) is utilized for spine injections because it provides the best visualization of the specific vertebra landmarks being targeted in the spine. It confirms that the injected medication is in fact being delivered to the intended level of the spine and to the correct location within that spine level. The major advantage of x-ray guidance is that visualization is possible “through” bones to verify proper needle placement even if it is behind a bone. The C-arm design allows for tremendous adjustability to obtain the ideal view to perform each spine injection with the highest level of precision and safety. The most up to date settings and technique are utilized to minimize radiation exposure.

Ultrasound Guidance

Ultrasound guidance is used for joint and soft tissue injections. The major advantage of ultrasound is that there is no radiation exposure. Current ultrasound technology provides high quality images allowing for precise needle guidance. This verifies that the injected medication is being delivered to the intended target. Because they can be visualized directly, soft tissue structures like nerves and blood vessels can be protected to avoid complications.

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