Bone Marrow Cell Therapy

Find Out If Bone Marrow Cell Therapy Is Right For You

How to Prepare?

Preparing yourself in advance for a Bone Marrow Cell Therapy procedure is an essential part of the process. Please read the Preparing For Your Regenerative Procedure page of this website for further specific details.


Your bone marrow is a rich source of cells that have the potential to accelerate healing.  Your bone marrow occupies the hollow center cavities of your bones and is literally a “factory” for the production and replacement of cells that circulate in your blood stream.  Bone marrow cells signal other healing cells and recovery molecules (cytokines) to migrate into the injured area to assist with the recovery process.  Your bone marrow is removed from one of your iliac bones (the bones that form the “wings” of the pelvis) using fluoroscopic (x-ray) guidance for your comfort and safety (shown in video).  Bone marrow cells can be very helpful in restarting and accelerating the healing process in tendons, ligaments and joints where there is tissue damage and chronic pain.  Your own bone marrow cells are then injected into your area of tissue damage the same day using ultrasound visualization guidance or fluoroscopic guidance to increase the accuracy of the injection.

Compared to buying “stem cells in a vial”, using your own bone marrow cells ensures that no one else’s cells are injected into you; avoids the possibility of contamination or infection introduced somewhere in the supply chain; and guarantees that the cells have never been exposed to preservatives or subjected to a freeze/thaw cycle which potentially impacts their viability.

Bone marrow cell procedures are performed in our office for your convenience, which also spares you the additional cost associated with procedures performed in outpatient surgery centers or hospitals.  Bone marrow cell therapy can be used in the treatment of many tendon, ligament and joint conditions as well as many other body parts such as the spine for people suffering from chronic low back or neck pain.  We invite you to schedule an appointment to find out if bone marrow cell therapy can help your condition, especially if your goal is to postpone or avoid surgery.