The Discseel® Procedure

Boris Terebuh, MD is delighted to be a Discseel® provider because this new technology aligns perfectly with his preferred regenerative treatment approach and patient care philosophy.  Dr. Terebuh is also grateful to Discseel® developer, Kevin Pauza, MD, for all the years of diligent and meticulous research to create this innovative, paradigm shifting intervention, which will certainly spare countless individuals the prospect of avoidable spine surgical procedures.


After the you submit your application, Dr. Terebuh will sit down with you for a one on one consultation to review your options.


After your consultation and just before the Discseel® Procedure Dr. Terebuh will perform an Annulogram to get a detailed image of your torn disc.

Discseel® Procedure

During the procedure, Dr. Terebuh will inject your damaged disc with the biologic Fibrin, repairing the tears in your spinal discs. In less then 90 minutes, your procedure will be done.

Patient Recovery

The recovery process is simple and fast. After the Discseel® Procedure, most patients are walking in the next 24 hours.

Hear from Discseel® Patients

Rick Hart
Erica Knudsen
Jenny McCutcheon
Hector Rivera

Are you a candidate for The Discseel® Procedure?

Dr. Boris Terebuh, MD

Boris Terebuh, MD finished his Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation residency training at The Ohio State University in 1997 and completed a Nonsurgical Musculoskeletal and Interventional Spine Care Fellowship thereafter. He has attained and maintains seven Board certifications related to providing musculoskeletal care. Dr. Terebuh has been in solo practice in Ohio since 2001. Dr. Terebuh is an expert in regenerative medicine, and is the first and only certified and licensed Discseel® provider in Ohio.

Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Terebuh's unique, regenerative approach to solving spine problems enhances the body’s natural ability to heal itself.  His guiding principle is integrity - doing what is right for patients in a conscientious manner with the motivation of helping them become fully functional, independent and satisfied.  

Find out how Regenerative Medicine can work for you! 

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