How Regenerative Medicine Helps

Regenerative Medicine

A relatively new and evolving field of medicine, which strives to enhance the recovery of your damaged tissues by combining the latest technology with your natural ability to heal.

As our bodies age and sustain injuries the healing response becomes delayed, less effective, and less complete. The basic concept of Regenerative Medicine involves concentrating the components present inside your own body that already participate in your healing process. By injecting these concentrated components into a region of tissue injury, your body receives an abundance of useful tools necessary for recovery right where they are needed the most.

Growth factors and other cytokines (cell signaling molecules) are a large family of agents that represent components helpful in the healing process because they assist in cell communication to stimulate the migration of regenerative cells toward tissue injury. Cytokines are obtained from your own blood.

A useful analogy to understand these healing concepts is to compare regenerative cells to “seeds” and cytokines to “fertilizer.” Both play important, but different roles in the healing process. Rather than simply treating the symptom of pain, wouldn’t it be nice to harness your body’s innate ability to restore itself? There are two categories for Regenerative Medicine interventions: Bone Marrow Cell Therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy. Both procedures are outpatient procedures performed in our office and are natural because the main ingredients for the treatment come from your own body.