Sacroiliac Joint Pain

sacroiliac joint pain

Sacroiliac Joint Pain

The sacroiliac joints (SIJ) are situated in the back of the pelvis, where the sacrum forms joints with the iliac bones of the pelvis. There is one SIJ on each side of the sacrum, and their location correlates with the edges of the stitch on pockets nearest the inseam of a pair of pants.

Sacroiliac joints commonly cause buttock pain, especially when transitioning from sitting to standing or the reverse.

When treating sacroiliac joint pain, all the traditional nonsurgical treatment options are first considered and discussed: activity modification, independent exercises, formal physical therapy programs, medications, braces, or other treatment interventions. When SIJ symptoms persist despite appropriate conservative care, a sacroiliac joint steroid injection using x-ray guidance becomes an option. If sacroiliac joint symptoms persist or return, then Regenerative Medicine options like Bone Marrow Cell Therapy or Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy can be discussed with your physician.

Sacroiliac joint pain can be mistaken for facet joint pain or degenerative disc disease pain. It is also sometimes mistakenly called sciatica pain as well. Obtaining an activity history and performing specific physical examination maneuvers can help distinguish between these sources of pain. Understanding the difference between these conditions is essential because the treatment for each is distinctly different.
Low back facet joints can send a pain message (referred pain) to the buttock region while standing and walking. Low back degenerative disc disease can refer pain to in the same location while sitting. It is also possible for any combination of sacroiliac joint pain, facet joint pain, and/or degenerative disc disease pain to coexist.

The Regenerative Spine & Joint Center has the expertise to make the correct diagnosis and provide the proper nonsurgical treatment. Cutting-edge regenerative treatment with Bone Marrow Cell Therapy and PRP Therapy is not available everywhere. Boris Terebuh, MD is Ohio’s first, and most experienced licensed Discseel® provider to treat your lower back degenerative disc disease.

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